Kitchener kicks rhythm kicking with sensei Mikey





sharing the “quiet skills” of the Push hands drill

North bay School 3 fires Martial arts Academy

Surviving edge weapons Taijiboxing application

gaze right attack the left,he strikes low you attack high

Fake low hit high ,stability in motion

The ultimate two handed weapon half staff half Lightening sword Poster Dennis Seminar

Taijiboxing’s application of “Grasp birds tail”

Three kings of Kitchener kicks above left

that”s all folks

Picture of upcoming qi kung practitioners

roundhouse to the left and hook kick to the right

You move fast I move faster, economy of motion natural flow!!

The Art of Effective Kicking Super Dave Hackett

deceptive kick while retreating, jumping back kick.

The art of effective kicking

harmony of breath mind, intention and attention.

“white snake sticks out its tongue “

Wilderness training Elliot lake

Straight as a arrow!! Half sword half half staff
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Courses Available

Workshops and Seminars

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Courses Available Winter 2019-20

Currently I am available to teach the following courses by appointment:

wrist lock take down Taijiboxer Chi Na

  • Introduction to Tai Ji Quan applications
  • Introduction to Surviving Edge Weapons
  • Introduction to the art of effective kicking
  • Introduction to continuous flow and effective striking
  •  Introduction to  24 posture Taiji Qi Kung and breathing exercises
  • Introduction to body conditioning
  • C.P.R. AED First Aid certification for martial arts Instructors.

Roundhouse hook kick ,two opponents one move, stability in motion!

for more information please feel free to contact me by f the following methods,


                                      check out new video slide show.   ( taijiboxing fall training on You tube!!)

taijiboxer, fall training Elliot lake 2010.wmv

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Sibok Brian Denham

In the short time that I have known Sifu Dennis, I could not be more impressed with his high level of proficiency. Sifu Dennis’ gentle demeanor hides deadly speed, power and accuracy in all his well-polished techniques.  Sifu Dennis is an easy teacher to learn from because of his confidence and experience  in many martial arts. Sifu Dennis is first class all the way! If you miss this opportunity you will miss a lot.

Sifu Pat Murphy

Sifu Dennis is an amazing martial artist,  with a wealth of knowledge to share with all other martial artists of any rank or style. I have had the pleasure of traveling abroad with him to tournaments and watching him compete, and was very impressed with his style and presentation. I  am definitely looking forward to the upcoming seminar.

Sifu Dave Weller

I have had the honor to have taken Sifu Dennis’ knife fighting seminar before, as well as his self defense seminars. You will find him to be very highly skilled in his field and in many other areas of martial arts. His honesty about what he is teaching is very refreshing to see and be part of, he has a very long and impressive list of Masters that he has trained with and is always willing to help others with their Martial Arts. Sifu Dennis is a very likable person because he has that passion for Martial Arts, but, more than that, for people and helping them to better themselves at whatever their art form is. I would be more than happy to take any seminar that he would be part of. You will come away with more than you paid for, and have a good friend at the end of it. Thanks for all of your help in the past and in the future, Sifu Dennis.

Sifu Andrew Butler

Sifu Dennis is an incredible martial artist, his speed and technique are like nothing I have seen before. He is a fun and very knowledgeable teacher to learn from and this seminar should not be missed by anyone who wants to learn real self defense.