First Aid C.P.R. and A.E.D. certification training..

Specializing in small group Training W.S.I.B. recognized certification levels, course is practical fun and informative using real life scenarios. available in the west G.T.A. areas Milton, to Etobicoke west.. for all ages and job requirements. Call now to arrange reasonable rates .. and learn how to save a life..

This program is designed to promote social and situational awareness  to prevent and reduce violence avoid situations that may result in physical harm or injury..we encourage independent thinking great for self esteem and personal empowerment and of course for staying in shape you also will learn invaluable information for improved vitality assault prevention,first aid and mindfulness and self energizing stress relief,  and learn important life skills for today’s changing urban environment. Don’t be a easy target. learn HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE 6…


Stick camp on the 20/21 July will be on the long staff of the Bando Dhot system with Saya Tim Dobson


Saya Mr Tim Dobson Karena Kilcoin Dennis pounall  James Kilcoin

   “The four Musketeers and Instructor Saya Tim Dobson”



“Striking from below and attacking the head”


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