Sifu Dennis Pounall has been practicing the art of Taijiboxing for about 15 years and has over 35 yrs experience in various martial Arts. He has competed both nationally and Internationally representing Canada. He has practical yet open approach to the benefits of all “Traditional Martial and Healing Arts”.

He believes that martial arts is a way for each person to express themselves in a unique way, that is not all about violence, but more about harmony and self discipline. The discipline of martial arts helps to develop the spirit of your inner self and each person has a unique capacity for growth in theirs unique daily lives which he believes is the art of living vitally!!

Each person has a “Dunamus” a inherent life force or Qi which can be invigorated through daily practice of “Qi kung” and “vital living”. The practice of the 24 Posture Therapeutic QiGong is a definite benefit to ensure the intimate unique method to ensure you are experiencing a vital full life.

The Wuyijeihe family style has a proven history of success and is geared to help each individual maximize their inherent potential. I am currently on a path of rediscovery researching the “geometry of martial movement and the art of combat without fighting under master Ian Gibbs of no nonsense hapkido martial arts.

Each person has their own “Journey” on this great path we call life!!

TaijiQuan is natures gift a elixir for a vital life

Life is breath use it wisely!


– Sifu Dennis Pounall