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A unique video of me sharing with friends on a visit to master Ian Gibbs school in Mississauga..

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  • Dennis sifu is a long time Martial Arts friend, collegue, and mentor of mine. I welcome you to train with him and check out the various opportunities he has in place with his organization. Dennis is a kind, gentle, and highly talented Martial Artist, along with being a life long learner. Your website, by the way, looks fantastic. All the best Sifu.

  • Sifu Dennis is a very knowledgeable instructor. I have had the opportunity to train with him at various workshops. If you are looking for something different and fun you will not be disappointed.

  • Sifu Dennis is Knowledgeable, passionate, compassionate and overall a wonderful teacher, human being & supporter.

    You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly he can get you comfortable doing something new & or difficult.

    I look forward to having Sifu Dennis conduct some workshops at our studio

  • Dennis, I am very pleased and glad you have continued your martial arts journey through the decades. You have always impressed me with your dedication and determination to learn, grow and share knowledge with those who journey with you. You have a strong wise spirit and are a model martial artist. These characteristics make for an insightful instructor to students fortunate enough to train with you.

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