Survive the 6 Security & Close Protection Training:

Survive the 6 Security’s Close and Executive protection Training programs  are trained and prepared to safely escort and transport a client both  Toronto and G.T.A. Our management team can quickly accommodate our client’s Individual and unique travel needs.

We have train both male and female security personnel for Close Protection operatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These  trained specialist, in this  detail are highly trained individuals who qualify for these assignments and can be dressed in either uniform or plain clothes.


Our team of expert Instructor /facilitators pay close attention to detail in an effort to provide security training for the best individual  to provide  the most protective, efficient and non-intrusive manner possible.. we apply the M.O.A.B. internationally recognize method . along with training in the use of force continuum for those special occurrences if need.  so everyone stay safe and sound…

FOR MORE Details Contact; Dennis 9i05 302 8689 .