concepts: Equilibrium and the supreme ultimate fist!!

Equilibrium: stability in motion and motion in stability. Equilibrium means: : A condition in which all acting influences are canceled by others, resulting in a stable, balanced or unchanging system. Mental and emotional balance; poise. Physics : The state of … Read More

Combat Taiji

                     The Elusive Art of Taiji Boxing… the Road Less Traveled Today, many people practice “Taiji” as a form of natural exercise but with quite limited knowledge of its self- defense applications. Could it be that they favor … Read More

Geometry of Martial Movement

Geometry of Martial Movement becoming one with the taiji saber..  Becoming one with the maio Dao saber..  

Survive the 6 Security & Close Protection Training:

Survive the 6 Security & Close Protection Training: Survive the 6 Security’s Close and Executive protection Training programs  are trained and prepared to safely escort and transport a client both  Toronto and G.T.A. Our management team can quickly accommodate our … Read More


Wellness for Vitality and well being.. Place content here and below … The 8 Pillars of Wellness More than ever before, we hear about wellness in the media, in conversations at Starbucks, and even the workplace. When we think of … Read More

Assault Prevention

Assault Prevention   Place content here and below.. . Assault Prevention Personal Protection program This is a practical program designed to empower each person with a variety of tools to use to prevent sexual assault or physical attack in a … Read More


Welcome Sifu Dennis Pounall has been practicing the art of Taijiboxing for about 15 years and has over 35 yrs experience in various martial Arts. He has competed both nationally and Internationally representing Canada. He has practical yet open approach … Read More

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Friends of Sifu

Information here A unique video of me sharing with friends on a visit to master Ian Gibbs school in Mississauga..


       Kitchener kicks rhythm kicking with sensei Mikey         sharing the “quiet skills” of the Push hands drill North bay School 3 fires Martial arts Academy Surviving edge weapons Taijiboxing application gaze right attack the left,he strikes low … Read More