History of a Taijiboxer



Early days at cold mountain school of  Martial arts..

Sifu Dennis Pounall has been practicing the art of “Taijiboxing“ for about 15 years and has over 30 years of experience in various martial arts. His system of martial arts is a conceptual progressive method of personal development and self prevention. It is not a specific style or method but a way of being rather than doing in order to deal with violence and daily stresses of every day life.

Sifu Dennis has competed both nationally and internationally, representing his homeland Canada. He has practical, yet open approach to the benefits of all Traditional Martial Arts. He believes that martial arts is a way for each person to express themselves in a unique way, that is not about violence but more about Harmony and Self Discipline. The discipline of martial arts helps to develop the Spirit of Peace and personal Happiness for the inner self as each person has a unique life skill capacity for continuous growth.

“Pang Gi Noon” translates as “half hard – half soft” and has movements based in the Tiger, Dragon and Crane Gung Fu techniques. This is a unique style as it has both Internal and External training, hard and soft techniques as well as linear and circular applications.

This form is a short fist or “Close Quarter Pure Fighting Form” , therefore all of the techniques are based on attacking the joints, nerves and vital points of the opponents body. It originates from southern style “Southern White Crane” and Hakka style “Bak Mei” straight line attack method, classified as a Chinese Okinawan Gung Fu system.

“The Tsunami Whirlwind Lightening Sword form”

Taijiboxing combines theories and concepts based in natural movement and economy of motion, the movement are continuous fluid and explosive while using target focused intuitive techniques to subdue neutralist or prohibit further personal injury.

 Bando Long Pole Form

Each person has their own Journey on this great path we call life!

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