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Quintessentially Taijiboxing the Art of Rediscovery

Quintessentially Taijiboxing the Art of Rediscovery Posted on June 21, 2012 9:23 am by Dennis Comment Quintessentially Taijiboxing the Art of Rediscovery.  09 – CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON – DESERT CAPRICCIO (2) This picture shows the natural harmony between nature and the taiji formless … Read More

Effective Communication

Taiji boxing and the art of effective communication   Taiji boxing is a rare and exact science, but it is also an art form because each practitioner will have their own unique method of presenting and applying its principles, both … Read More

Lost in Translation

Where Are the Great Taiji Boxers of Old? Are They Lost in Translation? Taiji Quan is a unique style of Martial Arts that encompasses a very broad spectrum of training skills and philosophical concepts. Taiji Quan is not only a … Read More


(and the Supreme Ultimate Fist of Taijiboxing) Use the art of foot placement, and range control to make sure when and if you do kick it will be effective! The term synthesis is used in many fields, usually to mean a process … Read More


The art of taijiquan is much like the art of being a masterful magician. It requires a subtle skill and a balanced blend of techniques and tools that come together to form a state of “synchronicity”.  Just like being a … Read More