Low level of female body fat in women and comparisons

The simple act of exercising, regardless of your weight or fitness level can make you feel much better
about the way you look due to release of feel-good hormones as well as a sense of an accomplishment.
When was the last time you gave yourself a fitness goal and actual accomplished it? Yes, it always is
“easier said than done”. But when you’ll see those pounds melting off your belly and booty, and you
start feeling better in your “own skin”, you will never want to go back. If you commit yourself to just
2 – 3 workouts per week and adjust your diet to “healthy fuel” instead of comfort food – most of the
times, with the occasional treat, you will reap the fruits of your commitment. You can stop the
dangerous belly fat in tracks in a matter of few weeks or months, depending on your genetics and the
level of your commitment. Exercise alone has been proven to to lower levels of hormones such as
cortisol, that promote belly fat and if you add a healthy diet and good sleep, the odds are that you will
reach our goals sooner rather than later.
So, why don’t you shrink a size or an inch around your waist this month by adding cardio and strength
training to your weekly routine? Fitness classes are known to get you out of your comfort zone and get
the desired results; and strength training as an addition will do wonders for your metabolism and body
shape. You will burn fat during as well as after your workout routine, and have fun while at it. Hour –
plus workouts can crank up your post-exercise calorie burn nearly five fold, compared to a 30 minute to a 30 minute leisurely activity such as a walking with your pooch.

This could also get you in shape to take on a bigger goal such as training for 1/2 a marathon, which many of us are participating in as we speak at the VitFit Klub. It has been proven over and over again that we, people are sociable “animals” that accomplish more in a group than alone.
So, the good news is, it could be done, whatever reasonable goal you set for yourself, and the bad
news? Nobody is going to do the “treadmill booty blast” or the fitness class for you.

All it takes is some time and discipline,at a center like VitFit Klub will provide the motivation and supply a comfortable place for your new fitness challenge.

What are you waiting for?


written by Jane Pounall CYI