Assault Prevention


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Assault Prevention Personal Protection program

This is a practical program designed to empower each person with a variety of tools to use to prevent sexual assault or physical attack in a close quarter situation.
The program focuses on teaching each person to understand the basic mechanics of using leverage, momentum , and upsetting a persons balance to off set a physical or sexual assault.

The psychology of determination through a focus assertion ,
concentration and determination. And also how to access inner strength through emotional balance and situational awareness.
Mindful meditation and the ability to coordinate your breathing with your physical action to maintain a synchronized efficient way to resolve physical and emotional disharmony.
Program for Victims of physical and Sexual Assault
Purpose of the Support Program for Men and Women who are victims of physical or sexual
Assault :

(Services for male and female victims- Information below)
The overall goal of the Program is to serve men and women who have experienced physical and or sexual
assault, regardless of their culture or sexual orientation, whether the abuse occurred during childhood or
as an adult, and regardless of the context, and this in order to regain control of their lives and to recognize
their power as individuals.
Who the program is intended to help:
Men and women who have experienced physical abuse either as children, adolescents or adults
What benefits will the program bring to participants?
Participants will:
• Get the chance to talk in safety about their experience and provide a space for dissolution
• Have an option to acquire knowledge about the effects of physical and sexual abuse in their lives.
• Learn new ways to rebuild their lives, and develop a positive life goals
• Build skills to cope with everyday life.
Description of the Program

Participants will:
• meet with the Program facilitator to assess what services are best suited to them
• attend a 12 week program (3 hours per week) focused on developing skills to deal with the impact
and effects of physical assault and or sexual abuse and learning how to manage their experience
of abuse and what to use now to prevent this happening again.
• complete an exit interview with a counselor where any additional services needed can be
determined and sourced for clients.
Program Content

• dealing with fear and anger
• improving mind body awareness
• learn self protection techniques
• adapting to a unstable environment
• identify opportunities to avoid physical assault
• Identify natural body target and available defensive strategies.
• Assault prevention techniques (Deescalation techniques)
• legal definition of use of force and assault.
• Developing inner strength managing emotions adopting different
life style coping skills.
• know what you can and can not control

• meditation and clearing the mind


Sifu Dennis Pounall

Sifu Dennis Pounall has been practicing the art of Taijiboxing for about 15 years and has over 30 yrs
experience in various martial Arts. He has competed both nationally and Internationally representing
Canada. He has practical yet open approach to the benefits of all “Traditional Martial Arts”

He believes that martial arts is a way for each person to express themselves in a unique way, that is not all about violence,

but more about harmony and self discipline. The discipline of martial arts helps to
develop the spirit of your inner self and each person has a unique capacity
for growth in theirs unique daily lives which he believes is the art of living
Contact information:

sifu Dennis pounall
905 302 8689